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Family Travel Packing List

On an earlier post, I mentioned I had a packing list I used when we went home for the weekend.  This vacation packing list works for everything from family vacations to quick weekend trips.  When the kids were much smaller, we had gone home for the weekend and I forgot numerous things on this particular trip!  Even my father-in-law said, “Geez, Kelly you never forget things!”

This list was developed to help me stop forgetting diapers and wipes when the kids were little, all the way to more recently forgetting toothbrushes, socks and pajamas.  I have tweaked it along the way adding items as needed.  Many of you have sent me messages asking for a copy of my checklist, so here it is!  MomsZen Travel Packing Checklist Use it in good health!

I didn’t want to forget anything, so there are some seasonal items listed.  Tweak it for your family as you see fit.  If you so care to, let us know what your can’t live without items are.  Hope this helps you stay organized while traveling on vacation or just a quick weekend trip.

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