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Articles from: May 2011

The Baby Green Steps…continued….

Sorry for lacking in the new material lately.  I have been binging and purging.  Seriously!  But in a good way.  We are cleaning and purging all the excess crap to the curb, or the garage sale as the case may be.  I have TONS of items we are getting rid of to make life simpler and less cluttered.  As a result, it has rained almost every weekend.  And every time I open my garage door, I swear I can hear the Sanford and Son theme song.

As for the binging….We’ve been lucky enough to have had some beautiful days and spring fever struck me hard.  Spring has always been my favorite season.  When I see the bulbs peeping up through the soil, it fills my heart with joy.  It reminds me of being a kid and seeing those first bits of green after the long winter.  I could barely contain the excitement of the realization that summer was just around the corner.

I did an assessment of the current state of our garden.  My bleeding hearts were going to town this year!  The one out front was gargantuan and gorgeous.  I did an experiment last year and put my glazed pots in the garage fully planted with succulents and hens and chickens before the first frost last autumn.  To my delight, they overwintered perfectly and when I took them out of the garage last week, they eagerly soaked up the sun and some rain.  It’s amazing what a difference 6 days can make.

Last week, the kids and I weeded, mulched, put together the second raised bed in the back yard and planted it.  I discovered it’s worth it to buy the slightly more expensive 1 cubic foot of garden soil because the 2 cubic foot one I couldn’t even move without assistance!  I got all of the garden boxes planted with beautiful flowers and some peppers because we planted so darn many of them and they all grew!

Last weekend as I weeded, mulched, planted and built the raised bed,  my body felt like I was on the losing battle of a boxing match.  But I kept my eye on the prize finishing Sunday afternoon during a rain drizzle that was both cold and dreary.  This weekend is supposed to bring back that elusive sunshine and how happy am I that I only have to plant the strawberries in the beautiful strawberry pot my mom gave me last year for my birthday?  Pretty darn happy I must say!

As for the pictures I promised of the garden, they really are coming.  I am having an issue with the picture sizes and don’t want to attach a mural to the blog.  I will figure it out soon and post some great pictures of the garden progression from seeds to planting.

Please enjoy your week and if you see that elusive sunshine, go out there and enjoy it!  Take a walk, beautify your yard, plant a garden or just a flower.  But don’t let it pass you by.  Until my next post, have a wonderful week and as always, let me know what you are doing to welcome this beautiful season and get your Zen on.